The Sword of Daylight is the sacred weapon wielded by the Trollhunter. When the Trollhunter says "For the glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command!" the sword and armor appear on his or her person.


It is made of sunlight, capable of destroying a Troll in one stroke. It appears with the Trollhunter Armor when the Amulet of Daylight is activated by the user and recognizes to the Trollhunter like its unique owner, being able to be called to its hands in spite of being separated. It has a wide blade and a blue glow. The Sword's glow is painful to trolls, as Strickler flinched upon having it drawn in his face. The sword is also capable of resizing itself to fit its master's size; in Becoming: Part 1, it shrank to Jim's preferred balance from that of its previous master Kanjigar.


  • The Sword of Daylight resembles a falchion in design. The falchion was a single-edged sword of European design. Unlike traditional falchions, however, Jim is seen wielding the sword with one or both hands.
  • The Sword of Daylight does not have a visible sheath. When not in use, Jim either wills it out of existence or clips it to his back via an unseen mechanism


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