This page is about the Changeling, you may be looking for the human.

Walter Strickler (true name is Stricklander) is a Changeling Troll spy who can take human form who serves Gunmar.

Official Description

As Jim's high school history teacher, Mr. Strickler is a caring mentor and constant source of guidance. But unbeknownst to Jim, Strickler is a Changeling (one of Gunmar's Troll spies who can take human form). Charming, manipulative, and literally two-faced, Strickler befriends Jim's mom and becomes the threat closest to home for Jim and his loved ones. 


As a human, Strickler is a tall and handsome man with black hair and a large nose. He wears a blue shirt under a light brown jacket, with darker brown pants and dark brown shoes.

In his true form, he is a tall and slender Troll with green skin, yellow eyes and large gray horns. He wears short brown pants, a large brown cape and a lot of metallic blades around his neck.


Stricklander uses metal throwing knives that are from the top of his cape.

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