NotEnrique is a Changeling Troll.

Official description

"NotEnrique is the self-serving, foul mouthed Changeling who takes Baby Enrique's place. His size and appearance resembles a toddler, even in Troll form. Always out for his own self interest, he will play both sides against each other for his personal gain, and to save his own hide. He is a bit stubborn but in the end he usually helps Jim and his friends."


NotEnrique is a small green troll, with yellow eyes and red irises. He often walks on all fours and wears a diaper. He also has brown hair on his back and head, and pointy ears.


Claire Nunez

NotEnrique and Claire share a rocky relationship. Although shown to argue, they are rather close and he even showed Claire that her real brother is safe. They act much like real brothers and sisters. As the series progresses this bond is shown to grow stronger to the point when he begins referring to Claire as 'Sis', and should she be harmed he makes statements such as 'Keep your hands off my sister!'.

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