Kanjigar the Courageous was the previous Trollhunter and Draal's father.

Official Description

Kanjigar used to be the best warrior in the whole Trollmarket and one of the best Trollhunters ever. Kanjigar was deliberately distant with his son Draal as a means to keep him safe. Kanjigar sacrifices himself during the first episode's opening by willingly throwing himself into the daylight, keeping the Amulet out of Bular's reach before Jim discovers it in the remains. After his death, his soul entered the Void where he gives his guide to Jim. He frequently berates Jim for keeping people close to him and putting them in danger: in particular his son Draal.


Kanjigar is a large, horned blue troll, to which his son Draal bares a strong resemblance to. However, he does not seem to have the spikes on his back that Draal does. He was of massive stature, roughly the same size as Bular. His full height is not specified, but his armor initially proved too big for Jim when he accidentally activated the amulet. Even as a spirit, he is always in his armour.


Kanjigar was a noble and courageous warrior, which won him great respect among the denizens of Trollmarket and from his son, Draal. He was so dedicated to the forces of good and the protection of the amulet from Bular and the forces of Gunmar that he willingly sacrificed himself by throwing himself out into the sunlight, turning to stone so that Bular would never attain the amulet. However, like the other spirits of the past Trollhunters that reside within the void, Kanjigar is a firm traditionalist who frequently berates Jim on his reckless, particularly when endangering his friends when facing evil and ignoring the first rule of being a Trollhunter of working alone. It is for this reason that he was deliberately distant with his son Draal, who he really loved and cared for deeply, to keep him out of danger. When materializes in the Hero's Forge after Angor Rot has been defeated and the souls of the Trollhunters he has killed have been freed (S1 E26 'Something Rotten This Way Comes'), he finally tells Draal this, admitting that he is proud of his son.

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