The Inferna Copula is a magic ring created from the living stone of Angor Rot, and the container of his soul. Whoever wears the ring can control Angor Rot.

The ring was created by an evil witch of antiquity with whom Angor Rot made a deal to obtain great power in exchange for his soul. The witch used the ring to make Angor Rot murder the Trollhunters. Centuries later, Strickler came into possession of the ring and used it to manipulate Angor Rot and destroy Jim. However, Angor Rot made a deal with Jim to retrieve the ring in exchange for his letting him live. Jim was able to use the Kairosect to remove the ring from Strickler but in his attempt to use it to control Angor Rot, he went into battle with him, finishing the latter for destroying the Inferna Copula.


  • In direct translation from Latin, it means hell's bond.

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