Troll market
Heartstone Trollmarket is a subterranean metropolis that his home of Troll civilization, pulsing with energy and jewel-fueled light, where trolls eat, fight and down brews in pubs straight out of Viking lore. It is located beneath the town of Arcadia, whose entrance is under the main bridge which can only be opened with a Horngazel.



After the Gumm-Gumms were defeated in the Battle of Killahead and trapped in the Darklands, the remaining of the Troll race migrated in search of peace. They stowed away on a ship called the Mayflower, along with several Gnomes for companionship and nourishment. They finally arrived at what is now New Jersey and after much searching, they managed to find a new Heartstone under Arcadia. Thus, they found their new home that would be known as Trollmarket.

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