Bular is a Gumm-Gumm Troll and the main antagonist of Trollhunters.

Official Description

Impulsive and explosive, Bular is the last of his tribe, hiding in the shadows of the human world. His warlord father Gunmar (and the rest of the Gumm-Gumm Army) has been imprisoned within the Darklands for centuries. It kills Bular that he must take orders from Strickler, a lowly, second-class Changeling. He wants nothing more than to destroy the Trollhunter and free Gunmar and his army, proving his worth to his estranged father.



Bular is a large Gumm-Gumm Troll with black skin, yellow and orange eyes, and a set of horns which curl around his face. He wears a kilt with a wide belt, decorated with skulls, and two belts across his chest, which hold his swords. He also has a leather wrap on his right arm, and what appears to be hair on the back of his head.


He shown to care for his father's freedom as he will do everything he can to bring him back. As he proven to not be big fan of deals as he will mostly likely as he told Jim to give him the amulet and he will drink his blood to make himself as win for himself not for others. He is impatient, he hates to wait and plans to do things immediately without thinking. When Stricklander warned him to wait until the time is right to kill the Trollhunter, his patience would run out, which would result to him doing unwanted stuff such as calling Jim "Young Atlas", which revealed Strickler(Stricklander) of being a changeling.


Strength and Combat: His strength proven to be very strong to lift and toss the weight of a truck that weighted over few tons. He proven to be able to kill other troll hunters. Though he is much stronger then Jim and his skills were greater but he was shown that Jim was more agile and fighting for more then himself as he was fighting with his friends to be stronger opponent.


The gallery page for Bular can be viewed here.

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