Baba Yaga is an ancient Bulgarian witch and hag. She is only seen once in a flashback during the reveal of Angor Rot's backstory in Trollhunters.



Baba Yaga was an ancient witch who lived in the dead rose filled forests of Bulgaria since before the creation of trolls and mortal humans. She lives in a house with chicken legs which is surrounded by a fence made of bones. Despite having a large appetite for human children Baba Yaga is very thin and uses her silver birch broom to erase any previous signs of her existence. After living for so long she has gained the reputation of being a goddess of earth and nature, some even calling her Mother Earth itself.

In 1297 AD, Baba Yaga created the Inferna Copula from Angor Rot's soul.


  • The character of Baba Yaga in the show seems to be heavily inspired by the Baba Yaga of Russian/Slavic folklore, as both are witches who are known to prey on children, reside in houses on chicken legs and are known tricksters, often tricking those they choose to 'help', just as Baba Yaga did to Angor Rot.
  • She is the third female antagonist to appear in the series, along with Nomura and Gladysgros. She is also also the fifth major antagonist to appear after Bular, Strickler, Gunmar and Angor Rot.

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