Angor Rot is an ancient Troll wizard and assassin. He is the second main antagonist of Trollhunters.



Angor Rot was a Troll who lived during Gunmar's war for control of the surface which was devastating his village. In 1297 A.D. in Bulgaria's Black Sea, Angor sought power to protect his people. Thus, Angor made a deal with an evil witch who granted him great magical power in exchange for his soul. The witch, however, took advantage of it by transferring his soul into the Inferna Copula, a ring with which she could control Angor Rot. The witch ordered Angor Rot to seek out and assassinate Merlin's champions, the Trollhunters.[1] For centuries, Angor Rot murdered dozens of Trollhunters and took their souls in order to fill the void that had left the loss of his own. At some point, Angor was locked up inside a temple in the Amazon.[2]

Centuries later, Strickler found the Inferna Copula.

Season One

Strickler and Otto used the Inferna Copula to release Angor Rot[2] and control him to kill the current Trollhunter, Jim Lake. He send many of his golems to fight him[3], put a curse on Jim[4] which gave him control of the Sword of Daylight and stole the Killstone.[5] He ends up proposing to Jim that he recover the Inferna Copula so that he can be free of Strickler's control and recover his soul. Angor Rot, however, was released after the ring was accidentally destroyed, his soul being destroyed with it. With no hope of regaining his soul, Angor Rot decided to take revenge against Strickler and Jim Lake.

He attacks Strickler in his car and later attacks them and Jim in the latter's house, eventually wounding Strickler and Barbara. Then he attacks Toby and Claire when they go to school to find Strickler's book to save Barbara and steal Claire's Horngazel. Having the key to enter, Angor Rot attacks Trollmarket with an army of crystal golems. During the battle, he kills several Trolls, including AAARRRGGHH!!! who sacrificed himself to save Toby. Finally, he and Jim face a fierce battle in which Angor Rot ends up taking advantage, but before he can steal Jim's soul, Toby appears through one of Claire's portals, destroying Angor Rot after Jim stabs him with his own dagger.[6]


Angor Rot has an aged, cracking exterior with signs of decay.

Powers and abilities


Angor Rot is a very powerful and cunning troll. He can chip pieces of his body, that apparently leave no hole on his body. He can turn them into small totems, that he throw at materials that will turn them into large monsters. The monsters are indestructible, unless you remove the totem and destroy, its unknown if the monster can grow back if the totem is intact.

He is very slim allowing him to hide in small tight spaces that most troll can't fit into. He can apparently fly using his magic, when he is about to shut down the training equipment, and releases an EMP that disables the training course when doing so. He can apparently control pixies, as when he is summoning them back by using chants meaning he can talk to them as well. He has a magic blade covered Reapers Sun venom that can turn any object or thing to stone, as he turned a tree to stone when he was fighting Jim and Aaarrrgghh.

He can remove his eye and moving it with will so he can watch others and gain information the eye can also listen to conversation, when properly cut the user is immune to angor rots magic


He is a very sadistic character. He likes to make jokes about hurting others, and many are afraid of him. After he accidentally crushes the Inferna Copula in a fight with Jim, he becomes completely soulless and animalistic, dedicated to getting revenge on those he feels have wronged him.



As the holder of the Inferna Copula, Angor Rot cannot initially harm Stricklander. Once his soul has been destroyed, Angor Rot goes on a rampage and attempts to destroy him.


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