"AAARRRGGHH"!!! is a large but gentle Krubera Troll, who was once in Gunmar's army but has joined the good Trolls. 

Official Description

"Upon first glance, AAARRRGGHH!!! appears to be a hulking brute, but in reality, he's a gentle giant. Once a feared lieutenant for Gunmar's army, AAARRRGGHH!!! has since renounced his heinous ways and has joined the good Trolls. A reformed fighter, AAARRRGGHH!!! has adopted a zen-like attitude for pacifism, avoiding conflict. As threats grow and stakes rise, will AAARRRGGHH!!! remain a pacifist for long?"


AAARRRGGHH!!! is a huge Troll with rock-like gray skin, green eyes, and a dark green beard and hair on his shoulders and chest. He has two short horns and a large black nose, and patterns on his arms, knees, and chest.



Toby is the human best friend of AAARRRGGHH!! He became Toby's guardian and the two gradually warmed up, bonding over video games and food. Toby was the one that he was most protective of out of all his friends, even breaking his vow of pacifism to protect him and Jim from Bular, shattering him. Even when his violent past as a defected GumGum soldier was revealed, Toby still considered him his wingman.

Even when dying and offered the chance to return home with the Krubera, his people, he declined so that he could stay with Toby and his friends. When AAARRRGGHH!! was turned to stone saving Jim during the battle for Trollmarket, Toby was so distraught by his friend's death that he eventually ending up shattering Angor Rot, killing him and freeing the souls of the warriors he had entrapped over the centuries.


Blinky is AAARRRGGHHH's other best friend. Blinky often helps AAARRGHHH with controlling his temper and AAARRRGGHH often helps Blinky when it comes to his problems. The two first met when AAARRRGGHH!! gave up his life as a violent GumGum and the two have been partners ever since. 

Jim Lake

AAARRRGGHHH!!! took quite an interest in Jim and the two got along pretty well. 


He is the muscle of the team as his strength is great enough for Bular.

Strength and Combat

He was former general of Gunmar as he might have great combat and still has though his strength seems to be stronger when angry. He was able to hold the weight of Blinky in one hand with no sign of struggle as he never really shown to struggle to lift heavy weight.

Endurance and Stamina

As his body shown to be able to take attacks from his enemies he proven to be quite durable enough to take enough trauma. His stamina is shown never to be exhausted as it very high for his weight as he able to run or fight long period of time.


The gallery page for AAARRRGGHH!!! can be viewed here.


  • In the original book, AAARRRGGHH!!! was female. This is eventually revealed to the human characters because AARRRGGHH!!! lacked the traditional female gender characteristics that would be recognizable to humans and was initially believed to be a male Troll. However in the cartoon adaptation, AAARRRGGHH!!'s gender was switched to male.
  • It is unknown if or when AAARRRGGHH!!! will be revived in a future episode. 

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